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Clean Up Being a Dog Groomer

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

Many people are into giving their dogs extra TLC. This includes making sure they get properly bathed and groomed. There are several part time job opportunities working at both full service dog grooming facilities and self service dog grooming facilities. Below is some information about a few such jobs.

Working for a Self Service Pet Groomer

You can get a job working part time at a self service dog groomer. These facilities generally offer bath tubs and all the equipment needed in order to bathe and groom their own pet. You can get a job at one of these facilities cleaning up after customers have cleaned their dogs. This is a great job for those who like being around animals, but may not want to be part of the hands on grooming process.

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Working Part Time for a Full Service Pet Groomer

If you are looking for a job at a pet groomer, but are not sure you want to be so hands on with the pet grooming process, then you may want to consider being a part time receptionist at a dog groomer. Here, you can take calls and make appointments for people looking to get their dogs groomed. You can also answer questions customers may have about the grooming offered at the facility you work at.

Many dog groomers will hire people to work part time if they are not fully licensed as a pet groomer. You could get one of these jobs and it would entail you doing such tasks as assisting in the actual grooming of the dog or cleaning the facility.

Love Your Job as a Dog Groomer

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

More people than ever are spending money on luxury treatments for their pets. This has caused there to be an increased demand in dog groomers. Many dog grooming businesses hire people to work part time in pet grooming salons. Most of the part time positions do not require that you be a certified pet groomer. Many of these jobs pay a great hourly wage and have the opportunity for the groomer to make tips in addition.

Assistant Pet Groomer

Being a part time assistant to a pet groomer can be of a great benefit to you in several ways. One is that you do can make money while getting the experience you require should you be looking at becoming a certified pet groomer. Plus, while you are the assistant you do not have to do any of the major work on the dogs when they come in to be groomed.

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Part Time Associated with Pet Grooming

If you just like being around dogs but actual pet grooming is something you do not wish to di then you may want to consider taking a part time job associated with pet grooming. One of these jobs is being the person who cleans and maintains the pet grooming facility. Grooming facilities generally have people just for the clean up after the3 dogs have been groomed. This sis because grooming dog’s can be quite messy and the groomers need to spend their time moving on to the next dog they have to groom.

Another job which is associated with pet grooming but gets you further away from the actual grooming action is working as a front desk greeter and appointment setter. These dogs allow you to have more time interacting with people instead of the pets themselves.

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